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    Post  Legendary Jay on Thu Dec 06, 2012 10:15 am

    This will be a guide to help new players starting to play Naruto Unforgiven.
    To become a genin you must take the Genin Examination which is hosted every 5-10 mins automatically. For Chunin the exam must be hosted by a GM or Kage. You must take exam and then make it to the tower to being the second portion which is fighting against the other people that make it. Jounin comes auto once you get chunin and train on a log. For hunter nin, you need 50 missing kills which you can get from NPC (Neji, Hinata, etc.) or by killing the rogue ninja located outside of the villages. For Anbu you must be made by the kage of the village. That is also the same for the ranks of Anbu-Captain and Sannin.

    There are a couple of ways you can gain stats in the game. The following ways are:
    Log Training
    Killing NPC

    For log training you just have to be on the log or next to one to train on it. The Log training verb will be located in the training tab on your screen. Meditating is also ther but will only make you HP and Chakra go up. NPCs such as Neji and Hinata can give you a small stat boost when you fight them and win.

    Players can get many different things from NPCs. NPCs that give people justsus/techniques are in the game and have clothes different from NPCs like tailors,sales perosn, and any other NPCs like that. The NPC that goes with your clan will give you your jutsus and items. You might have to to train to a certain type of stat to recieve your jutsus.
    Sales Person-The sales person give different types of clothes/ things that can be equipped like weights
    Tailor-The tailor can change your hair
    Summon Seller- Sells summoning scrolls like Frog Summon, Snake Summon,etc.
    Scroll Seller- Sells scrolls dealing with some of the elements like Doton Moves and others.
    Weapon Seller-Sells Weapons
    Throwing Seller- Sells items that are able to be thrown like Windmills Shuriken, Shuriken, Tags. etc.

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