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    Post  Xero Hozuki on Sun May 19, 2013 9:32 pm

    Ingame name: Xero

    Key Name: XXX-LegendarySaiyan-XXX

    I am applying for: Enforcer(GM)

    What could you contribute to the game: well i would enforce rules, regulations etc plus i am mostly on when no other GM is on (except for Ghost).

    How long could you be on per day: i would be on from 6-9 hours

    What do you think a good GM should be: One who makes sure that no one in the game is left unanswered or making sure that if someone does something wrong they shall get consequences or be there on busy days etc.

    Why should you be picked over anyone else: I have been playing naruto since dark was a host and i am humbling, ask tommo(ghost)

    Would you ban a friend if they were breaking rules:i would treat him like how i treat everyone else if he or she goes to that extent then consequences will be applied

    What do you do when a person kills an NPC: First a warning then boot then another boot then ban

    Additional Information: well i just want to say this is a great game i have seen it evolve so much because of the hardwork you guys put into it i am a fan foreverer, through hell and high water. thank you Razz cheers

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